Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mid March Megasale Next Year!

The final exams went ok. Im still nervous about the results though. I probably did ok for the practical exams, but I am really unsure about my performance in the multiple choice questions. For the first time I ticked off an answer labelled "X". As in ABCEDFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX. Yeah there were that many choices so it wasnt exactly multiple choice. It's too hit and miss...too many educated guesses for comfort. I'll be returning to Malaysia on the 10th of December after the supplementary paper (I hope I wont have to sit) on the 8th.

I am now staying at Farrer Hall until the 10th of December as Richardson Hall is being renovated. Needless to say, moving rooms was a bloody nightmare. The new room is half the size of my old one and I simply couldnt fit all my stuff! I counted walking down the stairs from my room 44 times carrying stuff. I also had to carry the stuff up a flight of stairs to my Farrer Hall room. So here's how much I walked:
  • 44 trips down a flight of stairs in Richardson Hall with goods/luggage.
  • 44 trips back up the stairs to carry more stuff.
  • 30 trips up a flight of stairs in Farrer Hall with goods/luggage.
  • 30 trips down to make more trips.
  • 5 trips to a commercial storage facility to dump my bulky items (books, shelves etc)
Unbelievable. Freaking unbelievable. It took two days and I am proud to do it almost all by myself. Special thanks to Nigel for help with the fridge. I realize how much junk I have accumulated over the years. I need to discard/sell what I dont need and focus on what is really needed.

If I had learnt anything over the past year, it is how little you need to actually be happy. My most used cooking utensil is also my cheapest - a $15 rice pot i use for making soups and noodles almost daily.

Cafe 9E2 (my room in Richo) is desperately needing an overhaul next year. Too much space is being used for things that are used too infrequently. I am sort of a purveyor or good high quality items - from temperature stable cookware to a variety of glassware. What I'm trying to say is:

Mid March MEGASALE next year for all you Richo residents! Pay LESS than 50% of the normal retail price for all items.

Here's some of the things that will be available:

  • Executive chair. Solid, high quality construction unlike your typical officeworks chair. Height and tilt adjusttable! Leather with aero mesh on the main sitting area (the same type you find on cars, prevents your butt from getting sweaty). RRP $250. You Pay 90.
  • Evaporative air cooler. RRP $150. You Pay $50.
  • Samsung SCX 4500. Arguably the nicest looking laser printer / copier around. This goes for USD459 on Amazon. Comes with brand new toner cartridge costing $120 (3000 sheets @ 5%). Total RRP ~570. You Pay $299
  • Hot Plate. Local australian brand. Ideal for having steamboats and hotpot meals with friends! RRP $40. You Pay $20.
  • Model 79 Epson inkjet printer with five new unopened cartridges. RRP $90. You Pay $30
  • Nonstick 5mm thick aluminium pot. Ideal for instant noodles. RRP $25. You Pay $10
  • Tefal Steamer. For the health conscious person. RRP $70. You Pay $35
  • Quality Glassware RRP2.50. You Pay $1
  • Medical / Biomed / Health Sciences Textbooks!