Wednesday, April 29, 2009


"You are what you eat"

A man's mettle is really determined by how good a provider he is. If a man cannot provide for himself, how can he possibly provide for others? When you provide for yourself, your body thrives, and this is reflected not only in your physical build, but also in your personality. I've never felt so alive. I feel good. I want to interact with others. I feel like it. I feel awesome.

Last year my diet was pathetic. Over summer break, I managed to push up my caloric intake from 1300 to 2500 a day. I shopped almost every day and had lots of fresh produce. Importantly, vast advances were made in food storage and preparation. I did not really learn to cook from my mother. I cook what I've discovered from experimentation and looking at what others make in the communal kitchen of the halls.

An unexpected event has forced me to shop weekly once again. I find it really obvious how much my diet has changed. From consuming about 3 proper meals a week, I now consume at least 10 proper meals a week. More importantly, those meals are balanced, with a healthy daily serving of carbohydrates, protein and ruffage. I consume about 80g of protein a day, and even with a pretty heavy gym/pool schedule, I do not require any supplements.

This week's menu: Ginger beef w/ spring onion on rice (3 meals). Cream based pasta w/ heaps of fish (4 meals). Couscous bake with beef and cheese (2-3 meals). Spag Bog (1-2 meals). Mash and grilled salmon steak (2 meals). *note: I buy my lunch at work.

3L 2% milk
1kg full cream yoghurt
2 x fresh tasman salmon fillets
3 x vietnamese basa fillets
1kg beef
300g cheese
1/2 dozen eggs

Rice, pasta, couscous and mash. White bread for breakfast.

200g leafy greens (italian mix)
5 large navel oranges
2 x 1L fresh squeezed low acid orange juice.
1kg muscat grapes

Dietary Supplements:
approx 2L Sanatarium Up & Go - I dont always have time for breakfast. 500ml of this has the same amount of protein from 2 eggs, fiber of 4 weet bix, 400 calories (low GI) and less than 2g of saturated fat! It's also very low in salt. I'd reccomend this to anyone.

This Year's Gear: A generic heavy bottomed non-stick cooking pot. A ss aluminium soup pot. A george foreman grill. Proper 15" chopping board for greens and foods consumed raw. 10" board for meats. A santoku and a standard fillet knife. Light Correlle plates and bowls. A full set of containers: plastic roll caps for meals and fruit servings. Pyrex tubs for oily foods.

Last Year's Gear: A thin bottomed steel pot that was impossible to clean. A thin bottomed frying pan that kept on burning my food. No chopping board - i used paper towels. One standard fillet knife. A really heavy earthen bowl and plate from the dollar shop. A few plastic tubs from the dollar shop.

Awesome FTW!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter Break

Easter Friday was the day the first phase of Project RAM (14 weeks) was completed. I am now at a healthy weight for a person of my gender and ethnicity - a full 20kg heavier than I was just a year ago.

Over here in Australia, Easter break lasts for a week. I had a blast. It started off with a 2N3D camp organized by the Malaysian Society at Phillip Island. Met heaps of new people, had lots of fun activities. More importantly though, I feel that my self confidence is returning. I cant explain it, but since maintaining a ~2500cal diet, I find that I have a lot more drive to socialize and empathize with others. That said, the social neglect in the gloomiest of times have not left me unmarred. There is still much that needs to be done in the area of people skills.

Got back the following monday. Exhausted. Rested on tuesday. Went for a party at Panorama st with some people I met from camp on Wednesday. Crashed for the night.

Got a parking ticket the next morning. Monash City Council only allows HALF HOUR parking during the day (from 8am)... what a bloody rip off. The street was so clear and broad and empty (it was a dead end street!) that there is no reason to have such restrictions other than to make money. Other city councils (such as Maroondah) are much nicer and are alot more lenient on parking (free in most residential areas with wide roads). To the people who are behind this bastard1zed parking system: I hope that you are disfigured and maimed in an accident, and that your children are born retarded, and that you die a slow painful death, and rot in the seventh layer of hell for eternity.

Friday was the first Lazer Tag event organized by ME! THe final tally was 14 people. If you are reading this, thank you so much for participating. The event was a complete success. Played 3 games on a 6th gen LaserForce system. It was awesome!

The next day, I visited the sand sculpture exhibition down at Frankston beach with the photography club. It feels good to start taking pictures again. Made some new friends and all in all we had a good time. Real heavy dinner at Sofia's before heading back. Still not tired enough. So we went to play pool at Princes. Was back shortly before midnight.

Sunday shall be known as the day of washing. I washed the most clothes I have ever washed before... in addition to a sleeping bag and a windbreaker.

And so the Easter "break" ended. I was more tired after than I was before.

..with no regrets.

Phillip Island Camp - $165
Party at friend's place - $15
Parking ticket the next morning - $60
Lazer Tag - $25
Sand Sculpture Exhibition - $12
Dinner at Sofia's - $15
Pool at Princes - $7
Feeling that my life is back on track... PRICELESS.