Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Greater Purpose

Time to level up. One year as an emergency registrar has taught me alot. I started green. I am no longer. Ethos. Knowledge. Improved. A year of intensive care awaits. Hardcore mode - activated.
Responding to every met call. Learning all the lines. Learning all the tubes. Learning all the airways.
It will be an epic year.

It's the flaws that tell us what's going on
Makes us who we are, from vagabond to swan

Is it danger no?
But the fear of the road
The unseen dreams and schemes to the great unknown
My seeds are sewn
Hopefully the knowledge will grow

I put it in prose
A scripture of a personal woe
Description of my elevation realization alone
Aiding my transformation to a man that atones renew

Hit the reset button and move
Try to do better forever baby, do what you do

Follow your truth, maintain self and resume
Keep it thorough or the hurdles bringing you down to your doom arise
Call me Lazarus, a phoenix alive
Restored to my inner strength, only the calm survive

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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Reason For Full Frame

What's the difference between a cropped (APS-C or micro four thirds) DSLR sensor and a "full frame" 35mm sensor?

Every article I read online seems to miss the three most glaring points that differentiates the larger full frame sensor from their cropped counterparts.

Here are what I feel are the best arguments for a full frame sensor. It's not what you think. And it's unlikely what you have read on the internets.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


So how many square ft is it?

Everyone seems to ask me this question after they learn about my house.

I dont know.

I still dont know, two months later after furnishing the place.

I blinked.