Friday, March 27, 2009


Update (14/6/09)
Guys, many people seem to have misinterpreted this article. Please do not put words in my mouth. NOBODY is saying that a guy has to be buff to get a girlfriend. Not me. Not anyone. What I did say was that girls dont like guys who are frail (or two physically deficient) for potential romantic (non-platonic) the same way girls simply dont like falling in love with guys who are shorter and lighter than they are. Call me a romanticist, for I believe that love is blind - money/looks dont matter when it comes to love. That said, people are picky with who they fall in love with. There is a reason why some people get all the attention, whilst others are ignored...especially when it comes to romantic (non-platonic) relationships. What I am effectively saying is: Ugly girls and guys who are pathethic losers* will find it difficult to find a date on a Friday night.

*failing in life. Opposite of thriving in life. Physically, mentally, socially...etc.


Humans are hypocrites by nature. They all want to believe that they are doing the right thing, and twist the truth as much as they can to feel good about themselves. In no other aspect of life is this more apparent than in the game of love.

Have you ever wondered why some really pretty girls appear to be arrogant? They avoid eye contact and may even shrug you off if you try to chat them up. Ok, not all pretty girls are like that but you know what Im talking about. At the end of the day, many of them are "creeped" out by random guys approaching them. SO what does it mean to be "creeped"?

"Creeped" is the natural human response to being approached by potential partners who are perceived (even subconsciously) to be of an unacceptable standard (too unattractive). The pretty girls who have a wide selection of guys who want to date them thus have a higher standard by default, and are hence more likely to be creeped when approached by a random average Joe. It's very politically incorrect to say this, but being "creeped" is simply natures way of telling you not to potentially reproduce/make_babies with inferior genetic material. For guys chasing girls, good genetic material means shapely tall, fertile hourglass bodies. For girls chasing guys, good genetic material means a reasonably buff physique (from good nutrition/exercise), success, and social dominance in life. Social dominance is invariably tied to money in the modern world.

For example: All girls like to tell themselves that they are going to settle for a "nice" guy. But have you ever considered that girls only notice the "niceness" of the so called "nice" guys who are reasonably financially stable and physically attractive? If a "nice" guy who's reasonably good looking and financially stable shows interest in a girl (short 2s eye contact and a small smile), she is likely to reciprocate... but if a poor, short, ugly-as-fvck, shy, pushover kinda guy shows the exact same interest in a girl (short 2 s eye contact and a small smile).. she would be "creeped out" - even IF the second guy has a much nicer, more humble personality. This prevents a person from empathizing with people whom are perceived to be genetically inferior. Empathy is the foundation of any relationship.

Everybody wants a "nice" partner. But will only empathize and realize the "niceness" of others who are attractive. Many set their standards too high and will eventually have to settle for less...and start noticing the "niceness" of people they have not previously considered. This group of people tend to "fall in love" as they approach 30... They tell themselves that they settled for someone "nice"... but face it... many of them could not have done any better and had settled for less. Spend enough time with someone (even if you dont find them attractive initially) and chances are you will start to notice the "niceness" in them...

Let's not be sexist. Being creeped applies to guys as well. Last summer a half drunk woman started coming on to me, pushing her shoulders together to emphasize her cleavage and pouting her lips trying to look cute as she approached and tried to rub against me... I'm not a very attractive guy and that was the first time anyone has come on to me like that. Good for me? NO! She looked like she had been beaten with an ugly stick. I swear that I nearly threw up. I got goosebumps and felt like leaving the room.

Some of my friends wonder why I am suddenly so interested in going to the gym. Well, the answer is really simple. I dont want to creep girls out. It is the same reason why I pursue knowledge and studied very hard to get into the course of my choice. I study to secure my future and have a successful, fruitful career. I hit the gym and eat well for the same reason. I am reasonably financially secure but to succeed in the game of love I also need a reasonably masculine physique. Hence, I hit the gym to increase the odds that I will be successful in the game of love. To be successful in the game of love means not settling for less and ultimately building a loving relationship with a woman who is worthy and will bear successful children (with good genes) whom in turn will be successful in life.

Aim for the treetops, you'll land on the floor.
Aim for the sky, you'll land on the treetops.

I am 23 and single. It is time to aim for the sky.

Face The Truth™

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Dynamo Of Volition

The continuations of my dreams seduce me.
I see, I acknowledge, I realize.
My inadequacies, my weaknesses, my flaws.
No excuses!
For truth expunged the lies that soothed me.
Facing adversity I shall not cower
Not lowering my standards.
I will fight to the bitter end.
I will be awesome.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lim, Lim, Limm, Singh, and Flavell.

During the ward rounds the names of the team members present would be written on the patient's history. In my ward round last friday, the heading read: "WR: Lim, Singh, Lim, Flavell, Limm". Yup, that's right, there are three Lim's. THe first Lim is Andy Lim, the consultant heading the team. Rajesh Singh is our Registrar. Mei Lim is the intern. Adam Flavell is a fifth year. I am last on the pecking order. Whoever this Lim guy was back in the day in China he must have been a real hit with the ladies judging from the number of Limlets around. Lim's are everywhere!!! But my Lim is special. I am Limm. The extra M is for Magnificent. Macho. Manly... ok ok... let's not get carried away. Lim (林) simply means forrest.

My middle name Iskandar is a malay transliteration of the turkish name Iskander. The English know Iskander as Alexander. But Alexander is really just a latinized form of the greek word Αλεξανδρος (Alexandros) that means "defending men (n.)".

Finally, my first name Ezra provokes a lot of interest for some reason. Apparently it isnt very common. Ezra ( עֶזְרָא عزير ) is about as biblical a name as any. He was one of Moses' groupies. "Ezra" means "help" in hebrew.

So yeah. My name actually reads:
Help Defend Forrest.

Hmmph, maybe I was an elf in a past life or something. Currently I do not have the long blond hair, blue eyes, natural archery/riding skills, eagle eyesight and pointy ears. I do however have the same awesomeness as said elves.