Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The HEAVY Post

"Run! Cowards! Hahahahaha"

Team Fortress II: The Most Awesome Match Ever!
It was near midnight on cp_fastlane. Red team had a bunch of clan mates and were dominating the blue team. Suddenly, all the blue team guys decided to go Engineer and built 12 level 3 sentries at their final capture point!!! I was with the red team. We decided to all go spy. For a few rounds in a row, we were all playing as the same class. The most epic battle took place when both teams, all 24 players, went Soldier. The rocket war was spectacular especially during the initial charge to the mid-capture point. I've played over 100 hours of TFII and this is the first time I've ever experienced such an awesome stacking of the same class.

Mission Possible: Project RAM Interlude
With Phase I complete (raise lean mass by 20kg), I decided to go for the Mission Possible challenge at the gym. The rules were simple, hit the gym 15 times in the month of May to stand a chance to win a bicycle or ski trip. I managed that in just 20 days. Now I'm pretty much burnt out (overtraining) so I'm going to rest for a week before starting Phase II, that will focus on cardiovascular health, an area that was neglected in Phase I. Free weights will also replace many machine based exercises.

Fever For The Flavour
Proper nutrition is within my grasp. I can finally say with confidence that I could feed myself consistently. Two years fending for myself and a _lot_ of failures in the kitches has taught me what works and what doesnt. For cooking is an art. I follow no recipes and start with the end in mind. Hmm, I have a tomato. I wonder what I can do with it... and go from there. I've also acquired a wonderful professional heavy bottomed saute pan for less than half price that enables me to cook seriously good sauces. I've binned my Gravox and shoved my teflon pans into the darkest corner of my cupboard. Deglazing FTW!

Russel Peter Say: "Be.A.Man"
I feel it in me. I cant explain it. I dont feel intimidated by life anymore. I feel like I'm up to the challenge. I know that I will triumph in the face of adversity. I know I can take care of myself. People interact with me very differently now. I feel that I have a much increased affect? Confidence in oneself. A healthier outlook on life. The dynamo of volition runs strong within me. I see it in the mirror. I see it in the smiles of others. I see the tattered social fabric of my life coming together. And if there ever was a judge of my character... I no longer stutter and lose words in the presence of the most beautiful woman I've ever known.