Friday, June 22, 2007

beyond reach...


Meandering through life, I noticed that while seeing the flaws of others makes one blind towards their own flaws, seeing the achievements of others makes one blind towards their own achievements. Unable to achieve that which is beyond reach, one's mind can easily fall into a cycle of blissful self righteous ignorance, negative preconceptions, and hate. Such is the human ego - willing to see the world the way that makes them feel good. I must never succumb to the fallacies my ego entices me to follow.

I was at a friend's place last night before heading to The Ship, a salsa club. Her brother is a professional chef. His culinary skills did somewhat make me envious (ok, my failed 2.5hr attempt at making Sambal Tumis the previous day didnt help). To become a good cook is a goal that is within reach. It may take awhile, but is definitely attainable.

Of late, I chanced upon someone. She is of pleasant personality and has
all the things I find so charming in a lady. It took me a week to summon the courage to contact her. I finally did... she was already seeing someone.

beyond reach.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Poland, Australia, Mexico, America and Malaysia..

Piotr (poland), Hannah (australia), Oliver (mexico), Capella (states), Ezra (malaysia)
Last Class - Semester 1, 2007

What do we have in common? We love salsa. Oliver's our instructor and will hopefully continue his classes next semester. Capella will be leaving for the states soon. Yee Ming and Diane (not in picture) had to leave early as they had exams. Still, they showed up. Yee Ming had exams the following day but stayed till 10pm. That's dedication.

~ n00b ~


Special thanks to all those who showed up for Olli's salsa classes. A few more pictures, including hi-res printable pictures are available HERE (click Download on the right pane to get the full sized ~350kb pictures).

Monday, June 11, 2007

When time couldnt pass fast enough...

I wish i could sleep for 24 hours...

Most of the time, I feel like 24 hours is not enough for a day. But now, I cant wait for 24 hours to pass. Why? Because Im going to pick up my car - my first car - tomorrow afternoon at 4pm!

I dont know what to do for the next 24 hours. Ok, I'll probably sleep 8 hours or so. But what about the other 16 hours? I've played computer till my heart's content, watched TV serials till i got sick of it, updated my friendster profile, posted in two forums, played pingpong, tried out Foxtel cable TV at the projector room, had countless dreamy semi lucid naps, and updated my blog.

The Malaysian gang hung out at my room on Thursday night. The first time I've ever had that many people in my room at the halls. There were 8 of us all together. Fueled by Tim Tams, a pizza, garlic bread, crackers, tea cheese and olives, I think we made a wee bit too much noise despite closing the window. LiChun from next door called me at 3am to tell us that. Eventually, one by one, they started getting drowsy. Pedon fell asleep first. Hashrul (pictured above) lay down and started drifting off soon after. We finally called it a night at 4.30am

Monday, June 04, 2007

Street Latin Cred...

yeah... im sexy. lmao!

I passed the beginner's level street latin course @ Dance Sport Monash last week. It consisted of the Mambo, Salsa (my favourite), and Merengae. That's my dance partner, Madeline. I really wish I had started dancing earlier. It's so much fun. Kinesthetic knowledge is slowly but surely improving. I am now starting basic weight training and distance running. Probably stop swimming for awhile. Asides from the cold walk to the pool, I found out that one of the reasons I may have torn my plantar fascia (layer under foot) is that endurance swimming increased my muscular strength, but DID NOT increase the strength of my connective tissues (bones, joints and fascia). Now when i do basic bench presses, my muscles do not ache much - my joints start aching first!!! This is really odd. Whatever it is, I will have to strengthen my connective tissues before resuming endurance swimming. My plantar fascia has been healing too, but it takes awhile. Probably skip one more week of badminton to let it heal properly.

Scroll down for more pictures of beautiful people...

Mr and Mrs Smith

A progressive form of Salsa where participants dance in a circle - rotating partners after each sequence. l33tness... I was supposed to participate, but wasnt good enough after two training sessions to join them. Hopefully after a few more training sessions i'll be good enough.