Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crazy Wings: The Second Encounter

720p available^

Finished one whole winglet.... Phew. Nigel's eyebrows kept twitching and i dont think he even noticed hahaha.

Monday, December 19, 2011

So... I tried Crazy Wings

So.. Eddy told me he could eat four of these.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Reasonable Pro Photography

I have a great respect for photographers. It's tough, often under appreciated work. Being an amateur photographer, I used to take lots of pictures with a DSLR myself and snapping pictures for events (way back in 2007). People do not see the amount of time spent on the post-processing of images and think it's all about running around with a big camera taking pictures (how fun!). In fact, you'll be spending just as much time or more post-processing as you will taking pictures. It's one of the reasons why I havent used my DSLR in awhile. Alltogether, it takes alot of man-hours to take pictures. In addition to that, professional gear does cost quite a bit. The cameras are the least expensive part of the operation - a set of fast f/2.8 lenses could easily set you back $10,000. Any decent photographer will also invest alot of money in lighting (diffusers, lightboxes, wireless flashs etc. Photography is all about light!). Include the cost of transport and equipment, and you could start to see why professional photography costs alot.

After the jump: Examples; Breaking down the price; Example of an overpriced service.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Piracy Is Not Theft

Before we get started let me just say that I am not consciously taking any sides in this debate.

I would just like to highlight an oft quoted misconception that piracy is theft/stealing. Piracy is not theft. Period. In the same way an orange is not a pomelo. Piracy is piracy. Im not saying it's right or wrong, but it is definitely not theft.

So what exactly is piracy? Well, the image below is pirated. I did not create that image. I copied it off google images that in turn sourced it from a blog that in turn sourced it from a website that in turn relied on users uploading to imgur (a photo hosting site). I have no idea who the author/creator of the image was despite trying pretty hard to find the source. And in reality the person who made the demotivational poster is unlikely to be the one who drew the illustrations anyway. So many levels deep...inception!

(full article w video and links after the jump)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Where To Now?

This blog has not been touched for awhile. In all fairness it has been a pretty busy year. I've also been devoting my time to The Intern Dossier Project, which has recently hit 40 pages. I guess I'll be completing it over the coming year.

So what's in store for 2012?

Most importantly, the quality of articles posted from now on will be of a much higher standard than before. There are alot of things I want to write about. Tangential learning, fractional reserve banking, the misinformation surrounding abortion and STDs, piracy etc.

Cosmetically, this site is getting a minor refresh to make it more simple and aesthetically streamlined. The blogger platform has finally been updated to allow proper 1:1 display of images. Images will no longer be from photobucket and there is going to be a widescreen trend as I snap pictures in 16:9, or movies for that matter, like the recent graduation video.


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