Monday, February 10, 1986

Ezra's Coffee Beans

Spiels are by Andy from

Brazil Pulped Natural
. Sun dried and screened to 17/18 this is the perfect Brazilian base to your favourite traditional blend. It roasts evenly and produces good body and balance in the cup. Great value in a rising market and we bought plenty of it to give CS’rs some consistency in their blends. My Comment: That generic “coffee” taste. I can see why it is used as a base in blends. Nothing remarkable, but very drinkable straight as espresso. Drink hot as a long black. Doesn’t taste good when cool.

Ethopian Gambella Sundried. Another dry processed Ethiopian that has been called "poor man's Yemen" in the past for its similar cupping style but much lower purchase price. Wild, earthy, sweet, fruity and a viscosity like honey when roasted in the CS9-CS10 range.

Ethopian Harrar Longberry. This Ethiopian Harrar Longberry was certified organic at origin and is one of the cleanest dry processed Harrars we have ever offered. In the cup it produces a mid bodied espresso shot with wild and fruity flavours that make it a standout.

Indian Monsoon Malabar AA. These beans have been left to dry in large warehouses that are exposed to the moist winds during the Indian monsoon season. This unique process leaves a bean with nearly no acidity, a pale colour and about 20% less density. In the espresso its all body with heavy jelly like crema which can be drunk as a single origin but also works well a component of a complex blend. My Comment: Tastes fantastic as a single origin long black. Well balanced, and even when the cup cools down it still tastes great.

Indian Tiger Mountain seems to make regular appearances in BeanBay. Its a great bean, well graded, roasts very evenly and produces a well rounded single origin espresso, perfect on its own or as a great base for a more intriguing blend.

Panama Boquete Bajo Volcancito is a high grown, strictly hard bean (SHB) from the Bajo Volcancito plantation. Clean, well graded and produces a great balance of sweetness and acidity with a smooth body at a CS9 roast depth. Fans of Central American beans should love this one.

Peru Grace Villa Rica Estate. The smooth body of this bean gives a great mouthfeel in an espresso with a long caramel sweet aftertaste. Great as a single origin espresso. One of the all time favourites on CoffeeSnobs, a really easy bean to roast evenly and it works well through a wide range of roast depths to produce a medium bodied coffee with great mouthfeel and flavours.

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