Friday, March 30, 2007

Kawaii Mini Cakes.

Caroline Eating A Mini Cake

Went to the food and wine festival in the city last weekend. Met up with Noriko, Kevin, Ashley and Caroline. The weather couldnt be better. The first thing we tried were the minicakes. These were super sweet mini pastries costing AUD2.50 each but were worth every cent. The cream was super rich and the pastries were so sweet I felt thirsty after eating only one.

There was also a chocolate festival but it was very crowded and the chocolates were exorbitantly priced so we didnt really buy any. Bought a bucket of icecream and that made me full anyway. I've been having too much super rich foods recently. Had McD for brunch followed by sugary highs throughout the day. Hmm... Back to a healthy diet during weekdays i guess.

Caroline, Kevin, Ashley: Hi res photos can be downloaded by clicking HERE, and HERE.

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