Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hello!!! Anybody there?


I've been in Australia for two months now. Life here has been so hectic that I never really had time to myself. Every consecutive weekend was packed with things to do. I guess that is ending now. For the first time, I'm finding myself with free time. It's easter and most people have gone home. The halls are quite empty. I guess that's when the homesickness starts to creep in. It's not that bad, but I am starting to feel it. I miss home, my mum's cooking, chubbykins (lil bro), Nasi Kandar...

Sweet memories...

To the one who knows: I was in BigW looking for a vacum cleaner when I stumbled upon them. My heart turned to mashed potato after walking past the candy section. Of course, I remained cool and macho in front of my friends who were with me but they were quite puzzled why i took out my camera (of all places, in Wall Mart) to snap a picture all of a sudden. :-P

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  1. ahhh.... did you bring them back home after you took the picture?
    i'm looking forward to getting to taste nice chocolates when i'm out of bukit changgang prison soon!!!