Friday, June 22, 2007

beyond reach...


Meandering through life, I noticed that while seeing the flaws of others makes one blind towards their own flaws, seeing the achievements of others makes one blind towards their own achievements. Unable to achieve that which is beyond reach, one's mind can easily fall into a cycle of blissful self righteous ignorance, negative preconceptions, and hate. Such is the human ego - willing to see the world the way that makes them feel good. I must never succumb to the fallacies my ego entices me to follow.

I was at a friend's place last night before heading to The Ship, a salsa club. Her brother is a professional chef. His culinary skills did somewhat make me envious (ok, my failed 2.5hr attempt at making Sambal Tumis the previous day didnt help). To become a good cook is a goal that is within reach. It may take awhile, but is definitely attainable.

Of late, I chanced upon someone. She is of pleasant personality and has
all the things I find so charming in a lady. It took me a week to summon the courage to contact her. I finally did... she was already seeing someone.

beyond reach.

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