Monday, February 12, 2007

That Malaysian Smile

I will be in Australia for some time to come. Hope I dont get homesick. The past week I had been pretty anxious. This is the first time I will be that far away from home - truly independent. Realizing what I am leaving behind in Malaysia, I somehow feel indebted to my country and it's people for making it what it is now. I'll always remember, that Malaysian smile...

Four grade-11 (form 5) prefects. Candid pic by Melissa Ng. A nice illustration of the cultural diversity and harmony of Malaysian society. I took a picture with the same feel as the picture above, but sadly I lost all the pictures I took when I was in highschool. Oh well, that's technology. I now backup my pictures and work regularly.


  1. whereabouts in aussie? i'd be returnin to melbourne pretty soon. more damn flies to greet me

  2. I love candid pic but it doesnt seem like itz 100% candid.

    malaysian smile looks nice in candid but I dont like the way it looks in posing for shots.... I love candid.

    I miss malaysia... coming home this week

  3. relax: yeah, there's no place like home eh...

    alex: Just visited the city. Not too many flies ;) Enjoying my orientation here now.

  4. hello, relax. i am the photographer for this and despite what you may think, this photo really was a candid shot.
    prior to this capture, my friends were in this exact position holding a conversation. the two girls facing the camera HAPPENED to turn around just as i clicked.

    i'm sorry if this picture is not up to par with your candid photo standards. nevertheless, i do appreciate your opinion. [= thank you.

    and ezra, thank YOU for the publicity.