Saturday, October 06, 2007

Red. In Retrospect


I look,
glazed memories.

I shine a light,
I see.

psychiatric morbidity,

I've been in Melbourne for about eight months now. I am no longer the person i was before. Life's like a box of chocolates. Life's like broccoli. The pill of reality is bitter when you're green. But as time passes, you grow up and learn to eat it. It's good for ya.

My mind's eye had never had a sharper focus. I can now make out the reality that's obscured by the fog of preconception. Transcending the inner bigot, I see the light.

Real life is not the movies. Real life is not dictated by ideology. Real life does not necessarily favour the politically correct. Real life is dynamic. There can be no results without antecedents.

I looked to my past and saw it for what it was. It wasnt what I have been telling myself it was. I saw red - psychiatric morbidity. There were times when my entire future could have vanished. Im thankful it did not. I tried to cope by myself. I got through by much internal reflection and material distractions. I lacked behind in the development of interpersonal skills and kinesthetic knowledge - never realizing it.

I like broccoli now. I am getting healthier day by day.

What does the picture* have anything to do with the post? Well... by eating lots of broccoli I came to realize that I have to make myself more attractive to be attractive to an attractive lady. Sounds absurdly simple and common sense but I never realized it until I read up about ladder theory.

*no colour filters were applied. the place really was dark with red lighting. 158kb png. Couldnt use jpeg (~30kb) as i normally do with all the other pictures on this blog as it goes blurry. It is very high contrast. Viewing on a CRT or high contrast LCD is recommended.


  1. well i dont know whether clayton offers intl business or not, surely i'd love to go there as its the biggest cmpus i heard. i mmight prolly go to peninsula's campus.

  2. Peninsula? You mean gippsland? I just got back from my rural placement in traralgon (we stayed at the nearby gippsland campus). Note the word "rural". It is erm, how should i put it... 'ulu' by australian standards. Yes they have running water and a modern campus, but nightlife is non existent (unless you are a pub regular) and the place is, for lack of a better term, boring.

    But i guess if you wanna focus on your studies it's not such a bad place to go.

    Clayton is 20mins from the city center. Peninsula is a 1hour+ train ride away from the city.