Monday, November 26, 2007

Why Malaysia Rocks

Char Kuay Teow Seller, Penang Back Alley
ISO400 f/1.4 50mm Kodachrome
What can i say about Malaysia in comparison to Melbourne?

1) Driving is fun. In Australia there are traffic lights everywhere. There are drop dead boring 40 km/h school zones and the speed limit is only 80 km/h on the Princess Highway. In Malaysia, the speed limit is how fast you dare to drive. Forget the monotonous traffic light grid of the Melbourne suburbs. Malaysian roads are dynamic. Potholes pop up here and there daily.

2) Food is free. Well, practically free. After getting used to paying 20-odd ringgit for a meal, I dont think twice before ordering that extra bowl of chendol during lunch.

3) Toilets have hoses. My arse has never felt so clean!

It's good to be back =)


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  2. yay for toilet hoses.
    sadly i won't be back until summer next year.
    till then it looks like i'll have to put up with having to carry around an empty water bottle every time i need to take a pee. boohoo.

  3. Have a great time back in Malaysia!

  4. The 3rd point, gotta agree with you :)