Saturday, September 06, 2008

K.I.S.S. revisited.

Building Blocks

1. I stumbled upon this blog one day. The style of expression was simple and concise.

2. A few weeks later, I decided that it was time to change the format of this blog. I have a tendency to rant and go on and on about things so this approach should hopefully change that.

3. Yes, im jealous that he gets an average of 500+ replies to each of his bullet point posts.

4. The KISS principle, revisited.


  1. 1. Depends what you're writing for.

    2. I personally find point form style of writing a blog too formal and to the point.

    3. If you're writing politics or work related stuff its fine.

    4. But it does feel kinda weird if its informal stuff

  2. 1- I agree with titus.

    2- There's nothing wrong with how your blog is written.

    3- bullet points are really, really boring to read.

    4- Substance is more important than format.

    5- This is number five!

  3. Reflections of humanity are more than just bullet points.

  4. Hello, i've been reading ur blog ever since i got it from somewhere, but u rarely updated it.

    No wonder, he got such an extreme amount of comments since he was a Prime Minister of Malaysia (1981 - 2003) once.

    And guess what?

    I'm Malaysian too :)

  5. 1. Thanks for commenting.

    2. Scott, this is point number two.

    3. aaron: but bullet points are awesome.

    4. anonymous, thanks for visiting. Good to know i have (virtual) groupies ;-). PM? Bleh... i can do better!

    5. I think i'll stop using bullet points.

    Once upon a time i decided to use bullet points but thanks to the comments from my adoring fans and groupies I have been persuaded to use paragraphs and proper long descriptive sentences that convey many more of the nuances that need to be expressed which constitutes what is broadly determined, by consensus, as reflections of humanity that in itself cannot be defined by words but could be expressed by means of proverbial "glimpses" encapsulated in the complexities of the thoughts and perceptions and emotions that are invoked by each word in the medium of expression of my choice that is the english language.

  6. you blog, write, opine, praise, criticise, admit and deny, but the whining part is what you should do not.

  7. Hi Dad!

    You should write, opine, praise, criticise, admit and deny more often. Time for an blog update! There's so many interesting things going on in the malaysian political scene for you to write, opine, praise, criticise, admit and deny.. on your blog.

    Yup, I am cutting down on the whining - that's why im now focusing on more serious topics (such as relationships) and less on trivial matters - in line with the theme of this blog: reflections of humanity.