Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flush On The River

I am glad to announce that the theme of this blog is no longer reflections of humanity. I am tired of writing about why I think life is the way it is - I want to focus on life itself. All the colors and subtle nuances. All the experiences. And most importantly, all the people that make it meaningful and colorful.

The one and only game begins.
Two cards lay before me.
A three and a ten of hearts.

The clock ticks.
A seven of hearts lay before me.
A jack of spades looked at me.
A king of clubs led the flop.

I felt the fear within me.
My enemies plotted against me.
I had nothing.

I had no choice in this one and only game.
I had to call the bet.
The stakes were raised.

In the glimpse of an eye, the next card was dealt.
It was the five of hearts.
Everyone bet in equal parts.
The stakes were raised.

Not a pair. Not a straight.I had nothing.
I despaired.

Then came the river.
With bated breath I took a look.
The number four just lay there...
Laughing at me,
Mocking me.

My enemies grinned.
The stakes were raised even further.
I wanted to fold and leave the game.
Defeated. Lost.

In that moment of darkness,
I listened to the words of an elder,
Who made me realize that all was not in vain.
I had five hearts.
Flush on the river!

There was a time when I felt defeated. Social ties were left to collect dust. I stopped dancing. I (unintentionally) starved myself. My health; my wellbeing; faltered... In retrospect, the difficult periods I faced in the two years I have been away from home were not in vain. I grew as a person. It gave me resilience and thought me how to take control of my life.

Asides from my study commitments, 2009 will be all about building/maintaining social networks and attaining peak physical form. I really hope to start dancing (salsa) soon. Everything is falling into place. Things are looking very bright. I had a flush on the river...

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