Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lim, Lim, Limm, Singh, and Flavell.

During the ward rounds the names of the team members present would be written on the patient's history. In my ward round last friday, the heading read: "WR: Lim, Singh, Lim, Flavell, Limm". Yup, that's right, there are three Lim's. THe first Lim is Andy Lim, the consultant heading the team. Rajesh Singh is our Registrar. Mei Lim is the intern. Adam Flavell is a fifth year. I am last on the pecking order. Whoever this Lim guy was back in the day in China he must have been a real hit with the ladies judging from the number of Limlets around. Lim's are everywhere!!! But my Lim is special. I am Limm. The extra M is for Magnificent. Macho. Manly... ok ok... let's not get carried away. Lim (林) simply means forrest.

My middle name Iskandar is a malay transliteration of the turkish name Iskander. The English know Iskander as Alexander. But Alexander is really just a latinized form of the greek word Αλεξανδρος (Alexandros) that means "defending men (n.)".

Finally, my first name Ezra provokes a lot of interest for some reason. Apparently it isnt very common. Ezra ( עֶזְרָא عزير ) is about as biblical a name as any. He was one of Moses' groupies. "Ezra" means "help" in hebrew.

So yeah. My name actually reads:
Help Defend Forrest.

Hmmph, maybe I was an elf in a past life or something. Currently I do not have the long blond hair, blue eyes, natural archery/riding skills, eagle eyesight and pointy ears. I do however have the same awesomeness as said elves.



  1. A very unusual name indeed. Where on earth will one ever find another name like yours? Your parents must be strange people. Nevertheless, helping to defend forest isn't a bad thing to do for anyone who has been dismayed by the widespread destruction of forest everywhere. You must be a medical student who seems to enjoy learning about everything. Good for you. Good for me too: at least I know what Ezra, Iskandar and Limm or Lim mean. Thanks.


    Mommy chose my first name. She named me after one of the leaders in the Old Testament. Ezra was a priest, who led the Jews back to Jerusalem after they had been taken captive to Babylon. The Bible says that "the hand of the Lord was upon him." The name Ezra is Hebrew, and means one who is strong, or a helper.

    According to, Ezra is ranked #342 for most-popular boys names.

  3. orly? #342 in the States perhaps...It certainly isnt very popular in Malaysia or Australia - I've never known anyone else named Ezra...and can never seem to find it on those keychain name thingys at the bookstore.