Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Turning Of The Tides

Through darkness I found my way.
Charting my own path.
My way.
My destiny.
I am in control.

I am thankful for sustenance.
My physical being thrives.
I feel myself growing.
Yet I never loosened my belt.
I feel awesome.

I embrace the world
And the realities I once avoided
Soothing lies exposed
Childish fears expunged
Escapism nil.

Unchained from the shackles of mind
My sense of self grows.
My personality.
I am myself. Yes.
And I will do all I can do to keep that.

The tides have changed.
I taste it in the water.
I feel it in the earth.
I smell it in the air.
It is time to shine.

Game of life - Win.

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