Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Comment Policy

Due to the circumstances, all comments are now moderated. I check my mail frequently for work and should approve your comment within a day.
  • To protect google pagerank, comments with excessive use of obscenities will not be approved.
  • Verifiable comments will almost certainly be approved.
  • Anonymous comments that have no content related to the post will not be approved.
  • Anonymous comments that have content related to the post WILL be approved.
  • Anonymous comments that have some content related to the post but also contains obscenities or ad hominems MAY be approved depending on how much relevant content there is.
  • As always, marketing spam will be instantly deleted.
Commenting Guidelines:
1) Make sure that your reply is relevant to the post you are commenting in!
2) Avoid obscenities.
3) Avoid ad hominems.
4) Try to use a verifiable identity. If not, do use a pseudonym for easy future reference.

I accept criticism openly and I will not delete a comment just because it says something bad about me. People comment all sorts of things about me and I dont really mind as long as the comment also has some kind of value to add to the discussion. However, replies that are focused on attacking my character and add no/minimal value to the discussion will understandably not be approved.

If you feel that your comment has been unfairly rejected/deleted, please contact me directly via facebook, email or telephone (link). I look forward to hearing from you. I do receive emails of all comments and I can re-send them to you on request.

Alot of effort has been made to ensure compliance with blogger terms and conditions. Names and places are changed when appropriate. Occasionally, images grabbed from the internet are used, but those are of low resolution and used to illustrate a point. They do not cause detriment to the value of the original work and are covered under fair use guidelines.

I am a proponent of free speech and have avoided deleting comments (even extremely antagonistic ones posted anonymously) for a very long time. Recently however there has been anonymous spam on multiple posts. Somebody is obviously upset with what I had said (read Two Tragedies) and has been posting hateful comments in multiple blog posts from the same computer (tracked with cookies, not just IP matching). I dont usually delete comments, but this was an exception. There were two other commenters who also posted on multiple posts with irrelevant content. They have been deleted. My apologies for the inconvenience.


  1. Are you sure you can track based on those cookies? I dont think they are effective. Somebody could just defray you easily on that. I am a hacker myself and I am aware.

  2. yup, that's assuming the person was intelligent =P

    But seriously, who would go through the trouble of finding out the cookie tracing ID of someone else posting anonymously, spoof the ip address, AND post a few more comments within the hour from that IP using the same cookie? He/she also had to go through the trouble of spoofing browser/OS/java versions as well.