Monday, March 14, 2011


Nikon DSLR Kit
New Price: ~AU$1400 (note price of lenses DO NOT depreciate much)
Offer Price: AU600 for a camera, two lenses and a bag. What a steal!
Just The 70-300mm macro: AU$190. Mint condition. Nikon F mount. DX.
Just The 18-70mm lens: AU$150.

Consisting of a D70, 17-70mm wide-normal lens, and 70-300mm telephoto with macro (closeups) capability. FREE lowepro DSLR bag included. Perfect for anyone interested in using a DSLR. Everything is in good working order, the telephoto is barely used.

Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G ED IF AF-S DX Nikkor
This lens sells for US$459 on (google it!). has it for AU$390. It's a very good wideangle to medium zoom lens. Im not going to say much. Just google Nikon 18-70 and read up about it. It's one of the nikon lenses with a metal mount and gold lettering.

Sigma 70-300mm Telephoto with Macro
4/5 stars of 170 user reviews.
This is a very popular, reliable, telephoto lens made by Sigma. It can also do macro, which is a boon if you are into shooting really small things. It sells for AU$250 on amazon.

The Toploader Zoom is one of the most popular DSLR bags made by Lowepro, a well established camera bag maker. MSRP: AU$44.95
4.5/5 stars @ bhphoto (link)
4.5/5 stars @ amazon (link)

Nikon D70
It's a legendary camera. It was one of the first DSLRs to become really really popular - for a reason. This 6mp shooter will take better pictures than your 14mp digital camera simply because it has a bigger sensor and much much less noise. It can shoot comfortably indoors without flash at a wide angle (18mm) using the included kit lens (18-70mm). I need not explain any further... See the reviews for yourself. Google "D70 reviews" or click the links below:

The cheapest ones (in good working condition) on amazon/ebay are around AU$200 currently at market prices. When released it was around AU$1100. (amazon link). Very experienced photographers rave about it. "The Nikon D70 is the second best digital camera I've ever owned. I love my D70 to death." (Thom Hogan's D70 Review) (Ken Rockwell's D70 Review) "Highly Recommended" by dpreview (link)

*all lenses have been used with filters at all times. (read: they are immaculate and not scratched in any way.). Note the bag included is dark military green not black.

Samsung NV15. (10 megapixels)
4.5/5 stars @ dpreview (
9/10 user rating @ cnet australia (

This is one sexy camera covered in black anodized aluminium (like the ipod nano) and etched metal around the lens. A nice handgrip and well placed shutter button makes it a nice camera to hold.

New condition, barely used. I'll throw in a free 2GB Kingston memory card as well.

MSRP AU$549.00
Selling Price: AU$200.00.

Shopping Trolley. Similar to one above but made of chromed steel instead of plastic and has heavy duty rubber wheels. Similar nylon bag like above. Bag is detachable for storage and the trolley can be folded flat.

Paid AU$50.00
Offer AU$20.00

- Sold To The Best Offer -

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