Monday, March 26, 2012

Holiday In The Hospital... Not :p

ED has been a blast. I feel that I've learnt alot in the past 10 weeks. I dare say I am finally competent at doing casts, suturing, and cannulas. More importantly, im starting to think like a manager... It's hard to explain, but the way the mind wraps around a clinical scenario is determined by experience.

My new rotation is Hospital In The Home, cheekily named Holiday In The Hospital by one of my colleagues. It's a 8.30-4pm day job (compared to the 10 hour shifts of Emergency, it's quite pleasant!). Not. It turns out that the senior doctor running the program is dedicated to teaching and I have already received two impromptu tutorials on how to manage a patient. It's 2.10PM on my first day of the job as I type this (there is usually a lull in the department.). It can get busy, and with this rotation it's all about the long term care of patients as opposed to the short term management seen in Emergency. It's just as challenging, but with the added benefit of being an excellent CME opportunity.

As previously discussed, medicine is learnt tangentially, and this has promise to be one of the most educational rotations of my entire clinical experience (year 3 MBBS to now). Nothing beats learning off tangents while on the job.

I STILL DO NO HAVE INTERNET! @#$!@#$#!! It has been delayed since January. Not it looks like it will be coming tomorrow...the end of March.

Despite this, work on the new site has been progressing smoothly. I call it Bite Sized Medicine; a place where I ruminate over the patients I've seen personally, along with priceless comments from senior medical officers and specialists. It is the opposite of textbook learning.

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