Friday, June 21, 2019

PSA: Disabling Digi MTInternationalRoam Overseas Voice Roaming

This post sounds weird because I want people to find it when searching for a few different strings.

I cannot find a way to disable this anywhere online. So I'm posting it for everyone to know.

DiGi has enabled OVERSEAS ROAMING VOICEMAIL by default. Meaning that if you are overseas roaming, and someone calls your mobile, and you do not pick up - you will still be charged for the call... even if you hang up after one second of ringing.

They dont make it easy to change this setting and basically bury it in the settings area
You cannot change it with the MyDiGi app.

You need to use the MCCD code, and be quick before it automatically times out.

1 - My Account
9 - Acccount settings
3 - voicemail
99 - More
8 - other setup
6 - VMS Roaming Off

You have only 60 seconds to key in all of the above.

They purposefully make it hard for you to disable VMS roaming.

Even knowing the sequence, it took me three attempts.

The below are keywords for Bots to find (so people can google this and find it)

Disable DIGI Roaming Voicemail
DiGi Roaming Call Charges Even When Not Pick Up
DiGi Roaming Mysterious Call Charges. No Pick Up.
Digi "The cost ofthe call including: MTInternationalRoam is" (the spelling error with no space is intentional - message as received).
DiGi MTInternationalRoam
MT International Roam


  1. Yes.. I got charge rm4 while in flight mode. Damn.. Thanks for the post disabling voicemail

  2. Oh, and I think you can dial all the numbers in one sequence as *128*1*9*3*99*8*6#

  3. Thanks for this! I didn't know Digi did this. This immediately fixed it :)