Saturday, February 08, 1986

About Me

This blog was started in 2007 as a place for me to share my photos. In time, it evolved into a place where I put down in black and white the congealed streams of thought that form in my brain. The pictures were originally taken with a DSLR, but as technology progressed, I noticed that even cameraphones capture pictures undistinguishable from DLSR pictures at standard web sizes (less than 500x500. You will be hard pressed to tell the difference between DSLR, PnS, cameraphone and 35mm film scans on this blog. I can be reached at: or drop me a message on facebook.


  1. You have an awesome blog!! keep up the good work
    Great info for students entering medical college

  2. You actually post your phone number online??? =O

  3. faster go buy your mystic staff~!

  4. Hi Ezra,

    Dad has just read My Constitution, or, should I say, the hitherto unfinished version of it.

    After reading what you have written so far, I feel that you have grown up and matured a lot more than you already were before you went to Australia three and a half years ago. You no longer make the few grammatical errors that you usually did some time ago. I am glad about this and hope you will be not be upset with this comment from me.

    Mum and I, together with your Red Uncle and his wife, will go to Shenzhen to visit my cousin sister Calm, the first cousin I had met last year in Malaysia. I will be seeing my uncle, Calm's father, for the first time.