Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Art Of Medicine.

Fire dance near Luna Park, St Kilda.

Third week of the medical course. That's when we had our first real science based lectures. Surprised? Well, from what we have been taught so far, medicine seems to be as much an art as it is a science. We learnt basic civil law regarding medical practice and alot on the patient experience of having an illness. This is to give us a more rounded perspective on the healthcare profession. We were also briefed on the roles of the Allied Healthcare Professionals (paramedics, nurses etc). Much of the course is centered around the patient and is very hands on. I cant wait for my first patient interview at Alfred hospital early next month. The science stuff is pretty heavy, but there are enough tutorials and roleplays about common problems faced by people who come to their practitioners for advice to keep things interesting. There are many ethical problems faced by medical practitioners with regards to patient autonomy and the possibility of giving biased advice on sensitive issues such as abortion. Theory Of Knowledge (epistemology. basic philosopy. It is a compulsory subject to recieve an International Baccalaureate diploma) wasnt a waste of time after all.


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