Friday, August 24, 2007

The Human Body

Beautiful isnt it? Well...em, that's a beautiful healthy bellydancer in her 20s. Doctors dont often see these kind of people.

I enter the tutorial room. The laser pointer gets passed around. The surgical resident looks at me, flips on a slide on the projector. "Ezra, describe what you see". I stare blankly at the Picasso on the wall. Very abstract. Very deep. I give up interpreting the work of art. The human body is a masterpiece. That's the problem. It's very complicated. Which nerve goes where? Which artery supplies what? Which muscle does what movement? Anatomy is a subject that makes me feel $tupid.

Imagine being given a map of Paris. Then another map of the subways, sewer lines, and different floors of buildings. Colour pictures of a 3D environment. Labelled in a french of course.

That's anatomy in a nutshell. Learning about the human body takes a whole new method of learning. It's not my greatest subject. Im still struggling to discern just how far down the long lateral thoracic nerve flows down the face of the serratus anterior muscle. A new language. I like the challenge.


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