Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ten Dozen Virgins All Need Humping

Mmm. Chocolate. I know which one i want.

A bit about the natural fondness for chocolate.
Some time ago I suggested that life's like brocolli (link) not a box of chocolates. That wasnt entirely true. Life is also like a box of chocolates. Yeah, Forest Gump did have a point. We all want the best things in life. Like sweet nice tasty chocolate. There's white chocolate, brown chocolate, black chocolate and all the colours in between. Like most other guys, I like chocolate and dislike jellies.
A minority of guys prefer jellies (like the yellow turkish delight pictured) over chocolate but that's their life choice and even though I feel disgusted I dont think we should discriminate against them like some people do (link).

Reality struck...

Fvck, there's competition.
The problem is, everybody else also wants the nicest, prettiest chocolates. Predictably, the prettiest pieces of chocolates are taken first. Leaving the not so desirable chocolate behind.

What I want
The nicest chocolate I could get. Problem was, I wasnt even at the table rushing for the chocolates! I was behind the camera taking the picture! Ergh... I've spent too much time on the computer blogging this. Im going to the gym. Gotta be fit to have a chance catching the nicer chocolates.


What's up with "Ten Dozen Virgins"?
The title is an acronym. Initialisms in anatomy make a really boring subject a little more palatable. Tibialis anterior/posterior, flexor Digitorum longus, Vein, tibial Artery, tibial Nerve, flexor Hallucis longus. (Stuff under the flexor reticulum of the ankle)

So what does the title have to do with this post?
It is an allusion to the "chocolate" mentioned in the post.

Ok, then do you like white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
No comment.

You're not really disgusted at guys who prefer jellies are you?
Yes I am. I mean, come on, it's unnatural and disgusting. I dont hate them though as their existence has made cartoons such as family guy and southpark way more funny as they tend to be the butt of jokes - no pun intended.


  1. awww ezra.. *wink wink*. how are you dealing with last friday night's 'chocolate' issue?

  2. Chocolat au lait.

    Like the little kid who has no means of getting what he wants at the candy store.

  3. chocolates...ooo! all the chocolates are yummy!!! even the turkish delight looks nice! although the red ones would have been my preference.
    i'll be back on the 12th, by the way. sorry i haven't been able to reply your friendster message yet.
    good luck for your finals! i have one more paper left.