Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Year 2 Resolve

Second Year, Melbourne.

Im surprised at how fast I managed to settle down at the halls this year. Last year, i was a freshie, a total noob. It took me ages to feel settled and comfortable in my room. This year, I took only two days. Arrived late Monday night. By the end of wednesday, my empty room has been transformed to a reasonably comfortable pad. A fan, soft lighting, and a more ergonomic workstation has been set up. Last year, it took me 8 months just to get a fan! I feel at home now, and im sure i'll be able to devote more real effort to my studies in this environment. Food woes are no more. I've been having McD, Subway, Chicken and Chips and Fish and Chips for the past two days. Got to get back on a healthy diet soon. Had oats, cottage cheese and bread for dinner. Probably toss a salad later. I just unpacked my cooking utensis and im looking forward to trying some new things in the kitchen. Badminton, swimming, running and weight training shall all resume soon.

Year two is going to be awesome. Many of the issues that bothered me in the past have been solved - from apparel to study approach. I am also more efficient at getting things done and wont get caught up preparing meals etc. I brought back a number of books from malaysia this time. I am well equipped this year and dont really have any excuse not to excel.

Tomorrow i'll be one of the team leaders for Summer Swoop! O'week starts next Saturday. It's gonna be a busy week ahead.

What's up for 2008.

First, a forecast:
  1. Year 2 will be a challenge. No more slacking. No more Pass Grade Only (PGO).
  2. Better financial management. Aim to save some real cash this year.

Quantitative goals:
  1. Wake up before 8.30am each day.
  2. Put more mental effort into my work.
  3. Put on another 7kg of lean mass.
  4. Exercise every other day - cardio 3 times a week / strength twice a week.
  5. Have a 5,000 AUD bank balance by year's end.

Ultimate Goals:
  1. A Mediterranian pseudo-backpacking trip.
  2. Build a diverse social circle and strengthen existing ones.
  3. Macbook air! It's just so dead sexy i have got to get my grubby paws on one... If my wallet permits.


  1. price of macbook air is just worth the things you get out of it. I would consider a (waaaaaaaaay much) better options.

    Macbook air - thinnest laptop in the wall. Don't let it thin your wallet too :P

  2. you're at monash clayton? i'm starting college at clayton this year.

  3. yeah. nice to meet you. Hope you hv a great time in Melbourne. Im in richardson btw - the same hall as you mentor Diane Dale.

    live o-week to the max :)