Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thanks For Visiting, Site Review 2008

The number of pageloads has increased dramatically, while the number of return visitors doubled. This, I believe, is partially due to the increase of traffic from google images. From the detailed logs, I know that they make up roughly half of the unique visits each day.

Latest Weekly Snapshot

A "returning visitor" is defined as a visitor who opens the blog and reaccesses it more than three hours later. The system isnt perfect but it is smart enough not to register my own visits. However, if someone opens my blog from a different computer or browser, it will not register as a returning visit but rather as a unique visit. Due to the amount of data collected, the statistics are valid despite these shortcomings.


  1. LOTS of inaccuracies in the data. I'm not even going to begin explaining them.

    And such a post as a christmas post?? haha

  2. I've checked the return visitors out. They seem to be all from unique IPs and different computers. So if it registers 5 return visitors, I am reasonably confident they are really 5 different people returning. If the same "return visitor" revisits the blog _within_ 3 hours, it does _not_ count as an additional return visit.