Thursday, February 05, 2009

40 Degrees

After what was a very pleasant, unusually cold summer, things started to get hot. Very hot. Melbourne has never been this hot in over a century. More than 60 trains were cancelled due to buckling tracks. Power grids crashed under the load of everyone turning on their air conditioners.

The body is 37C.
The wind is 40C.
My room was 45C when the sun was shining in.
Hot. Really, really hot.
Fans are more like hairdryers.

But not was all bad. Due to the drought the soccer pitch is only watered at night. Playing in the 'rain' was unbelievably awesome. It was past midnight and the sprinklers at the sports oval were being turned on one by one. Four of us were playing football in the semi darkness of the dimly lit oval at 2 in the morning. Drenched, a thought crossed my mind.

Me: Hey, isnt there a drought right now? Isnt this illegal?
John: Well maybe, but I think it's only during the day that it is not allowed cuz far less water is wasted at night.
Krish: Yeah, and it's not tapwater they're using. It's probably grey water.
Me: Grey water?
Krish: You know, the stuff that drains from the sinks and showers.
Me: ...
John: I think we better shower when we get back.


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