Friday, October 16, 2009

The Dilemma Of Ugly

I am 23 and I notice a worrying trend. For the women whom I deem attractive are quickly becoming unavailable. My life used to be in shambles...I was pathethic, and quite reasonably stood no realistic chance of garnering romantic interest from women whom I deemed worthy (pretty girls had far better options).

Five years too late. It is only recently, almost three years after being forced to fend for myself - have I been able to take care of myself properly. My physical being is starting to thrive, but the reality is that I am still far behind in the race to become a truly eligable bachelor that could cherry pick whom he dates.

I understand now why some parents are worried that their children have not found a partner - for those who remain single for long will be left with scraps in the game of love. Marry a tall black person and your children are unlikely to be short and white - The apple does not fall far from the tree and this is why I absolutely cannot lose in the game of love.

I was once too self-centered to realize the importance of friends. I am from a stable family and have never really needed to build strong social connections outside home. At the end of the day, friends are important - for a healthy social life is the prelude of empathy, the fundamental building block of human relationships, both platonic and romantic. I cannot emphasize the importance of building social relationships (social networking) - for it is food for the mind and soul. It keeps one's life in balance. It let's your inner self know that your life is in order. It gives you emotional security and mental strength. Friends are important!!!

Looks really dont matter when it comes to love.
Men hate falling in love with ugly women.
Women hate falling in love with losers.
So be not a loser.

I have only been moderately successful in my career path, but that means only so much in the game of love. A healthy career gives me the financial means of taking care of myself, but ultimately it will not compensate for my physical, social and mental flaws. I resolve to not have to compensate for anything in the game of love. I must have the raw physical attractiveness, mental/social wellbeing, and charisma to win in the game of love - to build a meaningful relationship with an attractive woman who is worthy.

To have a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy outlook on life. To thrive and to win in the game of life. It's the dynamo of volition that pushes me to be a better man. That is my inner drive

I live every day like it is my last.

Awesome FTW!


  1. lol ezra. It's funny how you consistently piss people off! Truth hurts many people. The unwanted. The unloved. The got nothing better to say...(also those who have settled for someone and have made their choice and can no longer pick partners and who told themselves that they picked the right one and love is blind etc.)

    I've been following your threads on Cupid's Corner for awhile. You say things that hurt many...but are in reality true.

    You raise some very important points and I gotta say I found it quite motivating to make myself a better man too! Stay the course ya.

    Dont think you know me but im sure i've seen you around the Halls ;-) btw, you're not ugly. As said, those that throw personal attacks are just hurt...ignore them.

  2. correction/typo: ^They got nothing better to say...