Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey! My mommy says im special!

When I made my facebook account ages ago (you know, the time when TV's were black n white and "friendster" was popular), I accidently set my birthday to the wrong date. I noticed it a few months later, but decided to keep it to see how many people would remember my real birthday.

A grand total of three people (excluding family of course) remembered my real birthday. For that they will be awarded karma points and be blessed by angels. One of them will be getting a free cup of coffee... and I am going to bring someone lots of food to make that someone fat. (=

I would also like to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday on facebook for celebrating what shall from now on be known as Ezra's Facebook Birthday. Thanks for all the well wishes! I'll get down to replying you guys this weekend. It's been one hell of a week.

So when was my real birthday? lol. Here's a hint. It's somewhere on this blog =D

Ezra is officially ONE facebook years old.

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