Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update 2: The 11th Hour


The day of reckoning.

The Monash MBBS program no longer has mid-year assessments for Year 4. That effectively means EVERY SINGLE EXAM is bundled at the end of the year.

11/11, 12/11, 16/11, 18/11, and 19/11.

First two exams will cover Paediatrics, Obstetrics (childbirth) and Gynaecology (women's health), General Practice (GP land!), and Psychiatry. That is followed by two days of playing doctor....the observed structured clinical exams (OSCEs). To finish it off, the final paper is vertically integrated - a fancy way of saying there's 4 f**king years of medicine rolled up into one three hour paper.

The stupid thing is, I'm still on placement 5 days a week. My placement ends on 5/11(!!!).

Study is impossible. Too much to cover. I dont even know where to really start!

My facebook account is disabled until further notice. Robot Unicorn Attack was taking up too much of my time (the fb version is linked to weekly high scores between your friends!)

Back to work.


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