Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Life of Ezra


A recent unexpected turn of events have made me realize just how far I've come in this journey called life.

I first watched Life of Pi in April. I didnt think much of it at the time, but the story has a very deep message that grew and resonated with me over time. I just rewatched it in full HD glory (the bluray is out guys!)

This is an amazingly good movie. I rate it better than Forrest Gump.


The Life of Pi
Pi was a meek well natured young boy.
but an ordeal brought out the evil inside him.
an evil that threatened to consume him.
an evil inherent in the hearts of men.

In the movie, the hatred was personified by a tiger named Richard Parker.

He tried to outmuscle it.
He tried to make friends.
He tried to ignore it.
Eventually, he trained the tiger to a degree so they could live together.
An uneasy truce.

Hate kept him going forwards, but was always there.
Until the very end, it was with him, and he was sad to see it go away.

The story of Pi is about how a young man overcame the evil inside him.

There was never any tiger. The Tiger was Pi.
It was when he chose life over hate that he found peace.

The Life of Ezra
Bitter, unpleasant irony.
Deja Vu.
A taste of my own medicine.

For months and months I violated my own Constitution
Lost sight true.
And paid the price.
I had it coming...

Pi's story resonates with me. I cannot explain it.

Live strong. Live mighty. Live righteously.

dear b, if you are reading this, I want you to know that the journey we began in 2010 has helped me overcome deep rooted evil/hate/negativity. In its place there is now happiness and joy.

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