Saturday, July 21, 2007

MBBS. Semester Two.

The exams came and went on the first day of semester two. I only spent about a week studying, but I think I did reasonably well. The first sem exam got postponed for technical reasons so yeah, I was studying on the last days of my holiday.

Semester two is picking up alot quicker than the semester before. Lots of things to learn. Got to play with pickled human beings cadavers last week. Not nearly as bad as I imagined. I even felt hungry as we had classes straight from 8am to 2pm, and the anatomy session was a 1pm. The texture of pickled human muscle looks and feels strangely like beef jerky. The session was eye opening in the sense that I got to see for the first time the insides of a human being in glorious 3-dimensional'ness. The only thing that reminded me that they were real people one was traces of nail polish on one of the cadaver's fingernails.

The car has been great. A great convenience. I now have a reasonable sense of direction. I've owned it for more than a month now...and never washed it. Hehehe. I guess it's just not one of my priorities. And it's been raining almost everyday here. So there's no point either i guess.

I write this on a saturday night on the end of week one, semester two. Time passes so fast when you're busy...


  1. u have a car in Australia.. lucky u!

  2. ahhh... pickled human beings eh? how about the cross-sectional sliced up ones? they look a little like giant version of lamb chop pieces, dont u think?