Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Voice Of An Angel

Fate. Like a tree, roots fixed firmly in the ground. Which branch I climb is my choice to make. Paths cross. People come and go. Where will my road lead? Who will I meet? What will stand the test of time?

Traffic was heavy. I was feeling the stress. Then I got lost... I drove off the main road to get my bearings and read the map. It was a normal Wednesday afternoon. The main roads were busy. But I was somewhere deserted. There was an open grassy area, surrounded by low rise buildings on all sides. In between the buildings there were glimpses of busy roads. Empty cars lined the encircling road. In the middle of a grassy field, lay a tree, bathed in the bright light of day.

It felt surreal. In the edge of my eye, I saw someone by the tree. I got out of my car, Melways (mapbook) in hand, to ask for directions. I was greeted with a whisper as she shyly turned her gaze towards me. Innocence. In her hand, a polaroid picture - a silhouette of the tree.

Led by her voice,
The ride to Lygon street passed quickly.
I was no longer stressed.

I eventually made it to College Square where Carol, Alia and Zilal had made some really wonderful Nasi Kerabu for lunch. The day ended with me driving back to Clayton in terrible traffic to make Nasi Lemak with a group of Malaysians from the halls. What a day... yet I do not feel stressed.

Soul soothed by the voice of an angel...

She will return to Darwin tomorrow. People come and people go... )-:

Glay: Glorious, Global Communication.

Dare hitori betsu betsu no gooru ni mukau koto sayonara wo

Kotoba ni wa dekizu hashaideru
Everyone is running towards a different goal
Unable to say "goodbye" they act so cheerful

Koi ni koi kogare koi ni naku kokoro kara ah itoshii oh teenage memories ,
Eien no hibi wasurenai glory days glorys days kagayaite iru ,
Falling in love, with love, then torn apart by love ; from the bottom of my heart, oh teenage memories,
The eternal days I'll never forget. Glorious days.

Oikakeru renai mo owareru shigoto mo chikagoro no news ga tameiki ni kaeru
Shinkokyuu atarashii jidai no yukue wo terasu merodii
Takaraka ni ubugoe wo agete kure
Even the love I run after, and the work that chases me are turned to sighs with the latest news,
Breath in, the new melody that shines on a new era,
Cry out with all your pride!


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  1. hey there, you made it to melbourne! so how did the first semester go?

    I hope things are treating you well :)

    Take care... i'm just dropping by to say hi :D