Sunday, September 02, 2007

The longest day... ever.

gotta chill

We had our exams on Wednesday. As usual, i got fidgety and couldnt sleep the previous night and only got four hours of sleep. The exams were from 8am to 11am. Then there were afternoon classes till 5pm. Got back, and didnt even have time to bathe or nap before going out to a buffet in the city with the Singaporean gang. Came back from the city late at night. Only got to sleep for four hours.

On Thursday, had classes from 8am to 3pm. Got back so exhausted yet had to be at Chadstone mall for Mowling (bowling+movie. A MUISS coined term for an outing). So there another day was spent without doing much. Got back at 10pm. Exhausted. Studied for dissection the following day. Only got to sleep for four hours.

FRIDAY was the longest day... ever. I've only slept for four hours a night for three nights prior. It was the third day in a row having lectures starting at 8am. The 8am lecture was followed by a tutorial from 10am-12pm. One hour break for lunch. We were then stuck in lecture hall C1 for three hours from 1pm to 4pm. The day wasnt over. I had a dissection practical from 4pm to 5.30pm. I wasnt half myself during the practical. But it was quite an experience cutting up pickled people. Got back. Had dinner at the Mess Hall, and by 8pm I was playing badminton and pingpong at the sports center until 11pm. The longest day... ever.

8am-10am lectures
10am-12pm tutorial
12pm-1pm lunch
1pm-4pm lectures
4pm-5.30pm practicals
7.30pm-11pm badminton and pingpong (Monash Sports Center)

The weekend was much kinder on me. Went to Malaysia Hall for merdeka day celebrations with the KMB gang. Had some nice Nasi Kerabu and got to chill out abit.

Fellow Mooses (moosi?), pictures from last month's Mock Wedding event are up here:

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