Monday, June 04, 2007

Street Latin Cred...

yeah... im sexy. lmao!

I passed the beginner's level street latin course @ Dance Sport Monash last week. It consisted of the Mambo, Salsa (my favourite), and Merengae. That's my dance partner, Madeline. I really wish I had started dancing earlier. It's so much fun. Kinesthetic knowledge is slowly but surely improving. I am now starting basic weight training and distance running. Probably stop swimming for awhile. Asides from the cold walk to the pool, I found out that one of the reasons I may have torn my plantar fascia (layer under foot) is that endurance swimming increased my muscular strength, but DID NOT increase the strength of my connective tissues (bones, joints and fascia). Now when i do basic bench presses, my muscles do not ache much - my joints start aching first!!! This is really odd. Whatever it is, I will have to strengthen my connective tissues before resuming endurance swimming. My plantar fascia has been healing too, but it takes awhile. Probably skip one more week of badminton to let it heal properly.

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Mr and Mrs Smith

A progressive form of Salsa where participants dance in a circle - rotating partners after each sequence. l33tness... I was supposed to participate, but wasnt good enough after two training sessions to join them. Hopefully after a few more training sessions i'll be good enough.

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  1. Hey Ezra, good to see you are having a wonderful time there. Dancing is what is enticing your soul ei? I had them already gone a while ago. Used to be in ballroom dancing class, but I guess I just don't make cut for it.

    Now, back to my good old passion, with a revitalised interest: choir!