Saturday, June 16, 2007

Poland, Australia, Mexico, America and Malaysia..

Piotr (poland), Hannah (australia), Oliver (mexico), Capella (states), Ezra (malaysia)
Last Class - Semester 1, 2007

What do we have in common? We love salsa. Oliver's our instructor and will hopefully continue his classes next semester. Capella will be leaving for the states soon. Yee Ming and Diane (not in picture) had to leave early as they had exams. Still, they showed up. Yee Ming had exams the following day but stayed till 10pm. That's dedication.

~ n00b ~


Special thanks to all those who showed up for Olli's salsa classes. A few more pictures, including hi-res printable pictures are available HERE (click Download on the right pane to get the full sized ~350kb pictures).

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