Friday, February 16, 2007

Family Portrait.

I type this in my room at Richardson Hall, Monash Uni, Melbourne. I've been here for three days now. Starting to feel a lil nostalgic about home. Took lots of pics during my time here and will post them soon.

~ Me, chubbykins, mum and dad ~


  1. Stumbled upon this blog through a post on, welcome to Monash Clayton campus! I research here too, but I stay off campus. Don't worry about any home sickness, it will pass, if Australia is America's 53rd (or is it 54th now) state, then Melbourne is Malaysia's 15th state. There are so many Malaysian people here, so much Malaysian food, that pretty soon you will get sick of Malaysia. Enjoy :) and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    Hey actually btw, the CNY stuff that's happening in Crowns is actually not too bad, the nasi lemak there is one of the best you can get in Melbourne, trust me I've had some lousy ones (like at Cili Padi, it's crap), so maybe that can help the homesickness. :)

  2. hahaha, yeah that's kinda true. Lotsa malaysians here too.

    Went to ChinaTown for CNY with some friends.

    Nope, didnt go to Crowns (had to catch the midnight bus and i didnt bring my passport anyway) but had a great time anyway. Will be posting LOTS of pictures soon when i get the time.

    Nice to meet you btw. Perhaps we'll bump into one another on campus.