Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Time Exercising In University.

Had a very very tiring day today. Day started ok. Had yet another briefing this morning. Free Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee were provided for breakfast. After that, there were briefings by a state police officer and some lectures about the cultural aspects and challenges of living in Australia. As soon as the lunch ended, I quickly headed for the sports center and had the free lunch provided (fried chicken, salad, seafood salad and coke/juices). After lunch, there was a tug-of-war game in the basketball court. That was followed by a game of captain's ball (similar to netball and basketball). Played four rounds and ended up totally exhausted. Had alot of fun today. Met Kevin who seems to be keen on badminton and some others keen on Squash.

Syahir, Ester, Merry, K.S., Noriko, Luo Luo at the Monash Sports Center Basketball court where the games were held.


  1. ah .... Gong Xi Fa Cai !!

    The long silence of you on my blog has indicated your absense in Msia ! How's Aussie treating you ? =)

    All the best in your new undertakings !!

    Just me,

  2. love your photos. :)

    are Krispy Kremes as good as they say?

  3. hi!! I've been very very busy lately.

    doink: I got a new computer and hence did not have bookmarks of your site in my browser.

    bodicea: Yup. They're like glazed donuts that are actually KRispy when bitten into. Personally, I find Dunkin Donuts are more to my taste. But they're both nice anyway.

    Will comment on ur blog in due time..when I have the time.. Classes start tomorrow. Just got back from the Medical Transition Camp at Phillip Island. So...dead...tired.

  4. i absolutely LOVE the colors in this photo !! =D