Sunday, February 25, 2007

Toga Party! Richardson Hall, 2007.

Richardson Hall had its annual Toga Party last thursday. The music started and everyone went wild. A Toga was mandatory for getting onto the dance floor. These pictures were taken by a photographer wearing a toga, with a cup of OJ (orange juice) in one hand and a camera in the other... A toga is a traditional form of Greek clothing.

Most people used a bedsheet to make their togas.

A cloth belt on a lady really accentuates her form.


She's wearing a pillowcase!

Richo guys: The pictures above, in full 1200x1800 (4R printable size) are available, in the same order as above, by clicking here, here, here and here. To save bandwidth, they have been compressed to less than 0.2MB (0.0002GB). Yes, I AM aware that internet use here costs AUD12.00 a gigabyte.

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